Magnum 7″ Silicone Material

Magnum 7

Make your own muskie and pike skirts! Each strip (called a pad) is 7” long and ½” wide and is cut into nine 1/16” wide strands to better withstand battles with aggressive, toothy fish. Our skirt pads are made of high quality silicone rubber, precut and tabbed on each end for ease of use. They will not melt in your tackle box. Use 3-4 pads for a regular skirt and up to 5 for a full skirt. You can create multi-colored skirts and skirts with accents- colors you know catch fish! Use our rubber skirt collars or tie on with thread to complete skirt. Sold 10 pads per color per pack. Mix colors for quantity pricing.

Sales Unit: 10 Pack

Start at: $3.80